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Social Media Marketing: THE MOVIE

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Follow Me

Follow Me 'Follow Me' is a documentary on Netflix where a man goes on a search to become an social media influencer. Summary: 'After hearing that some people get paid $5000 for posting a picture on Instagram, broke and out of work director, Asri Bendacha sets out on a journey to become a social media influencer and get as many followers as he can on Instagram. Little does he know that the path to fame and fortune on social media is not what it seems.' After viewing this documentary, I did some of my own research into social media influencers and how they are used to market product and/or services for companies. Popular influencers have built a large amount of loyal followers who trust them. So when they tell these followers about how great a product/service is, there is a higher chance that their audience will convert to your product. A popular way to market through an influencer is to give a special discount code that is just for the influencer'

The Great Hack

 The Great Hack Link for documentary trailer, info and reviews: The Great Hack is a documentary available on Netflix that discusses what is now said to be the world's most valuable asset: Data. The main topic discusses how Donald Trump used Cambridge Analytica to target American voters on social media for the 'Trump Campaign'. Cambridge analytica claimed to have 5,000 data points on each of the 230 million American voters. This documentary has opened my eyes to how in depth social media campaigns delve into our personal accounts and data to promote products and/or services. It is also unbelievable how much money a company pays to create a successful campaign. Although this documentary predominately discusses the negatives of accessing data points from the public, in a marketing perspective, using data and analytics to reach consumers can lead to a campaigns success. From research I've gathered and from th

Fyre: The most unsuccessful, successful marketing campaign

Fyre Festival was supposed to be a once in a lifetime luxury music experience, as social media portrayed it would be. A documentary about Fyre Festival can be viewed on Netflix (FYRE: The Greatest Party that Never Happened ) and shows that experience marketing can be extremely powerful. This YouTube video shows footage used to initially promote the Fyre Festival. It doesn't focus on selling and promoting, (they didn't use ads) but rather sharing of an experience that can excite a wide range of viewers, basically, a dream. Also, by using famous influencers with a strong online social media presence added to the coverage online, particularly capitalising on millennial consumption habits. Nearly 400 influencers named 'Fyre Starters', all having hundreds of thousands of followers each, posted the same bright orange tile on Instagram in unison - this grabbed the attention of viewers to lead them to the video link. (Using

Social Media Platforms

A creative way to explain social sites. With Donuts! Yum!

Who am I and what is The Takeover

Who am I? My name is Anna Kerley and I am in my penultimate year at Flinders University studying Business (Marketing) and International Tourism. I have created this blog as part of studies into social media marketing. Outside of study I spend a large amount of time working, firstly as a tour guide and secondly as a marketing assistant. I am extremely lucky to already be working in the same field as my studies and will continue to work hard at what I am passionate about. What is the Takeover? Over the last few months I have viewed a range of documentaries that delve into the topic of social media marketing. I have found these to be interesting, engaging and educational. I have decided to use this blog to share what I have learnt (and what I am yet to learn) from these documentaries in regards to social media marketing. The name 'The Takeover' I came up with as a few of the documentaries I have already viewed  discussed how social media is 'taking over' as the